Some hot aians and eurasians are:

-Leah Dizon

-Kristin Kreuk
(Lana Lang from Smallville)

-Ahyoomi Lee

-Hyori Lee

-BOA (artist, song Eat You Up)

-Lindsay Price

-Misa Campo
there are so many asian hottie s its overwhelming!
by ghent50 August 14, 2009
An Asian girl or guy that is really hot, sexy, or cute (Usually a girl. Most guy asians are'nt very
1. Guy: Dude did you see that girl? She was one Asian Hottie!

2. Girl: OMG look! Isn't he such an Asian Hottie?
by The Best Asian February 26, 2005
the simple definition to this only consists of two words, SiR Gro
HoT DaYmn SiR Gro is a fucking fione ass Asian Hottie
by SiR Gro March 08, 2005
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