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This is a person of Asian decent that you happen to find very attractive (and you aren't the only one), who you pursue and end up in a "relationship" with. He/she secretly finds himself/herself to be "hot shit" and something of a god/goddess.

He/she then dumps your ass, by either just not saying anything or "text dumping" you, leaving you confused and hurt. The entire time you thought something was real when really he/she was just "playing" you. For whatever reason he/she loses interest...and you're fucked.
"Miko is such an Asian Player, that hoe sleeps with my room mate then text dumps me an hour later. FML."

"Taka was the BIGGEST Asian Player. We hookup and he does all this nice shit for me then a few weeks later I find out he was going to all these clubs and talking to other girls! I need to cure my yellow fever. Damn."
by Not a Weeaboo. For real. lol. January 03, 2010
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