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A = Average
B = Bad
C = Crap
D = Dead
F = Fucked...
"Asian Grades" are alot different
an A doesn’t stand for awesome anymore, it stands for average.
B stands for bad. because when you make a B, you are below average. all the other asians are making A’s.
a C stands for crap. that means youre doing terrible. your parents are gonna probably lecture you, gonna yell at you, gonna spank you a few times.
a D stands for death. your parents are gonna threaten to kill you.
an F stands for fucked cause you know what? your parents are gonna probably abandon you, send you to boarding school, terrible things.
by RdizzleFoshizzleMynizzle October 29, 2009
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B-No dinner

C- Don't go home

D-Find a new family
Asian grades = me getting a c and not going home
by qwertyuiop killer November 25, 2013
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