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An Ashi is beautiful, smart and hot often brown girl. Most of the time, they have large expressive eyes. She has many admirers falling for her but most of the time she doesnt know that. She is shy on the outside but when you get to know her she is a outgoing, fun and lovely person to be around. Most Ashi's are meant for brown guys, tall and handsome. An Ashi would be generally paired up with a brown Justin.
Guy 1: Did u see that girl?

Guy2: Yea, the one with the big ass? Yea shes an Ashi for sure.

GUY 1: Damn, I need a girl like that.

Guy 2: She's mine! All mine!!!! I wont share.

(Guy 2 runs after Ashi and her big ass, she agrees to go out with him and they run off to the horizon together. Big asses and all!)
by SEXY101 May 15, 2013
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An Alien from the mysterious planet of zeekigand-o , this stubby "Teletubby" three-legged beast is especially fond of the "Wacky Movie". He has a fetish for Bongs and will do anything for Free Stuff. He is known to startle innocent children at night with his sudden grin and retarded laugh. He had been stored in cryostasis since the end of the Kalinga Wars, but escaped during the Pokhran Nuclear Testing of 1999 and holed up in an obscure corner of Rajasthan, India. The poor chap now has difficulty finding edible food and is known to whine about this fact regularly. Chief amongst his weaknesses is Narcotics and Alcohol- he faints at the very sight of them. He is also known to enjoy and encourage , by vigorous orchestration, spanking on his specific Zee-spot. The Government recently hired this extra-terrestrial doofus to help solve the case of the Missing Niggers of Calcutta;due to his brilliant Ideas and Entrepreneurial finnesse.

Philosophy founded on this Alien Principle : Zeelosophy ; concerned with philanthropy and mushroom-hogging,amongst other worldly problems.
Tom Cruise converted to Ashis' Zeelosophy last night, leading to mass suicide at the local Scientology centre.
by eskaycee January 21, 2011
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A white man from the land of San Jose that fakes Indian heritage to impress girls. An effeminate individual that purchases his clothing from an AARP catalog. A complete coconut. Doreo.
Are you wearing make-up? You are such an Ashis!
by Takeoneguess August 20, 2006
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