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An awesome stud with exceptional talents who everyone loves, this particular type of person is exceptionally talented and good natured... lucky enough to be loved my many women.
Those who are born Ashfaqs are lucky
by Mallumanx April 26, 2011
The name of a noble prince from olden times.
Prince Ashfaq was the noblest of them all!
by yalladude1 April 26, 2011
A freak of nature who loves fighting and violence. Messed up enough to love taking part in a fight irrespective of victory or loss. Such specimens are crazy and should not be messed around with, they reciprocate aggression in multiples of input and are known to be extremely calm in battle, perfect weilders of a dual sword or kataana.
He never goes down even after taking a roundhose kick to the face, I think he is a Ashfaq!
by Malluman April 26, 2011
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