The best rapper in the universe and the history of mankind. He makes you wanna be in college.
-Dude, i wish i was in college and got to meet Asher Roth.
-Hell yeah!
by marco<3 June 18, 2009
Top Definition
A white collegiate rapper. Got 'famous' after his mixtape "The Greenhouse Effect"
Asher Roth is bringing hip-hop back to the burbs.
by Roth Boys February 07, 2009
Straight outta Philly, one of the best rappers out there. Many think "I Love College" is what he's all about. Not true. All his true fans know that Asher is the deepest out there and he is much more than "I Love College." Don't think he's deep? Just listen to: G.R.I.N.D.; You Are You; A Milli; Just Listen; etc. Never discriminates. Cares about change, cares about people and the world. Likes to party hard, but hey, who doesn't? Some are haters, others say he's the most legit out there.
Think what you want. Ash is Ash. Real man, won't change for anyone or anything.
Girl 1: Hey do you know bout Asher Roth
Girl 2: Oh, you mean the most real and legit rapper out there?
by SandSloveAsh July 28, 2010
Quit Hating, he's no Immortal Technique but he's damn good for being a white, mainstream rapper, you people need to just listen to something other than
"I love College"
"A milli-on here a milli-on there, sure you got a million dollars but nobody care"-Asher Roth, "A millie remix"
by gimme the chronic March 31, 2009
A very deep and clever rapper. Showing himself to be an incredibly talented lyricist, he writes songs on a variety of topics including, but not limited to, the following:

*Getting high.
*Getting drunk.
*Getting wasted.
*Smoking blunts.
*Getting fucked up.
*Doing the above things at college.

He's attracted his fair share of haters, but you can't deny the grace and skill with which he makes himself into a cheap gimmick.
Asher Roth is dope, my homedog bitchskillet.
by William Axlerod April 25, 2009
A white rapper from the burbs, very sexy. his middle name is paul. He can be pretty deep besides the whole "i love college" song. He cares about the future, and change. if you do not think he is deep go listen to his song "just listen". He was studying to be a elementry teacher. He has the most beautiful eyes. Oh and he loves weed.
girl #1: you know that guy asher roth?
girl #2: the all around perfect guy and great rapper?
girl #3: yeah, i love him!
by chillgirl November 29, 2009
Asher Roth is a gorgeous ginger rapper whom has a good enough soul to generaly rap about positive things. Because of "I Love College" ( a good and bad hit) people think him to be a one hit wonder with no other singles and albums. He DOES and hopefully always will have good songs that embrace the true artist inside him.
Me: DAMN! Girl look at that ginger!
Girl: Who is that?
Me: It's Asher Roth, how don't you know this?

Boy 1: "I LOVE College"!
Boy 2:Good for you. I "Enforce the Law"
Boy 3: I do both so "Let Me In".

-Just some Ash Roth <3 Songs.
by MotherWhovian February 14, 2012
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