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Name means Respect in Swahili. Bold, Daring and Ambitious. Lives life to the limit yet grounded and humble. You'll never come across a more honest person and omg they are just so sexy its unbeleivable. Other meanings Limitless, Plentiful. Ashema is just effortlessly the best. Real Goodaz
Thats a very hard task to deal with, how are you gonna accomplish that? I just need to have the Ashema and it wont be so hard.

If you dont have the Ashema you'll never make it in life
by bobprachett February 05, 2010
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Ashema is the build-up of hair, mold and many other particles found in a vagina that has never been cleaned and/or sanitized. Ashema can have many harmful effect such as when the build-up of these materials prevent urine from exiting the vagina. This later then leads to a very uncomforatable and awkward redish color oozing.
Bro.... I think my girlfriend has an ashema down there...
by Ryan and Mikey November 14, 2008
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