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A nice friendly person. Not afraid to speak her mind. Very funny, can make anyone laugh. Pretty, and can be a pervert sometimes. Easy going, doesn't like when people spend money on her. A very caring and a really good friend.
Me- She's really nice.
Friend- That's Asheley.
Me- Of course.
by her bestie friend person August 19, 2011
Asheley is a wonderful female with a talent, brains, and beauty. She has an awesome body, like a goddess of the goddesses. She's not that popular but is not a loser but everyone seems to take a nice turn towards here. Friendly and cool, the perfect girlfriend you would want. A cute, pretty, gorgeous, funny, hot, sweet, romantic, smart, loyal and OH SO MUCH MORE.

She's kind of a princess but in the kind, Cinderella way, not the old bratty type.

A cool BFF, she'll help you and a extremely kind and compassionate person who is a great friend and cares about other people. A true friend who always makes you cheer up.
She's the kind of girl who still manages to find a way to smile, love life and music. The type of girl when she smiles like nothing happens and acts like she's fine, inside she's a wreck. She can cry about her grades and even about things in her personal life that she can't even tell the people who she loves the most about She can withstand many things and never gives up.

Always positive, and works hard.

But watch out, she can beat you up if you mess with her or her friends. Maybe she wouldn't be that strong but she's always caring for the ones she love But she's a great singer.
Girl- She's so nice and perfect, and just everything about her makes me connect.
Girl 2- That what being an Asheley does to you.

Boy- I want to feel confident and make other be better even when I'm not that happy
Girl- try to get an asheley type of attitude
by I can be your lover December 05, 2013
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