1. Character from The Crow: City of Angels
2. Girl from Wausau, WI who will be graduating June 7 2004; likes 80's hair bands, cars, Nikki Sixx, and stupid Brits(Scottish Muslims).
Ashe is a retard.
by Cole May 29, 2004
Top Definition
Main female character in FFXII. Has the biggest butt of all the Final Fantasy girls. Was a princess who had eight brothers and a father(king) who died in the same war. She's hell bent on revenge, and unknowingly travels with a party member who killed her father.
Ashe, the main female character of FFXII, wears a short pink skirt that lets you see her the bottom of her ass cheeks.
by ShockwavePulsar September 23, 2004
An extremely popular marksman champion in League of Legends.

She is ridiculously easy to play and practically any player can master her, highly recommended champion to beginners. According to the lore, she is believed to be Queen of Avarosa and her rivals are Sejuani and Lissandra.
Player 1: Sup
Player 2: Can I Ashe you a question?
Player 1: Wow, your puns are so Ireliavant it's not even fun-Yi.
Player 2: Nah, Elise they're better than yours. I Garen-tee it.
by REKTTOTHEMAX November 04, 2015
1. Lead character of The Crow II: City of Angels
2. A young woman, usually poetically depressed, who dislikes how common her name, "Ashley", happens to be. As a result, she attempts to spruce it up by adding an "e" to the "Ash" bit. Typically, an "Ashe" is the one sitting by herself and smoking at parties, or the first one drunk, spewing out Shakesperean quotations.
"Hey, where's Ashe?"
"I dunno, man, she's babbling about religion or something so I dipped out. I'm too fucked up for that shit right now!"
by libbyyyyyyy April 06, 2009
What we call Ashley. It derives from the common misspelling of Ashley as Ashely.
Yo Ashe, get over here!
by Gina January 28, 2005
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