Ashanti is an ugly horse who is part of a bunch of cocksuckers called "Murder" who are a fucking disgrace to rap and hiphop. Her and that ugly fag with a hitler mustache called "Ja" should fuck off. Ja rule is a pussy and both are a fine match. Ashanti has facial hair like greeks and needs to shave her sideburns. Fuck off bitch. You're not hot. You're pretty damned ugly.
Ashanti's breath stinks like shit.
by RebelINS June 28, 2004
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A hair weave and a pair of thighs.
Ja Rule and Ashanti
by Kevin November 16, 2003
Ashanti has 2 definitions:

1. A tribe and region in Ghana, West Africa, famous for its gold, rich heritage, and damn sexy people. (Also known as the Ashanti Kingdom)

2. The singer Ashanti who is not from the Ashanti Tribe, but is half African-American and half Chinese-American. Yes, she has sideburns, but they aren't bad, and she is a decent singer.
1. The Ashanti people are original warriors and played a big part in Ghana's Independence

2. One of Ashanti's albums is called Concrete Rose.
#ghana #ghanian #tribe #ja rule #murder inc.
by Eve4000 May 11, 2006
A gorgeous young lass who thrives on everything that life throws at her. She is beautiful, smart and a pleasure to look at...for days. She has short hair, somewhat asymmetrical to emphasize her inner longing to be different from all else. A vegetarian on the verge of vegan-ism. Has an ass of a goddess and eyes of an angel, if that angel were a product of intergalactic coitus between gaseous Saturn rings and Niagara falls!
She would rather be an amazing social worker than pursue a lucrative law career. She has her blonde moments, but is not afraid to laugh at her own self. Seeing her face brightens up a room full of gloom. If Jessica Alba and God were to engage in coitus, Ashanti will be God's Mother.
guy 1: holly guacomole, is that Ashanti?
guy 2: i think so, she is stunning..
they never washed their eyes ever again.

If she is not Ashanti, she is not worth it.

ass angel jessica alba gorgeous amazeballs
#hot #smart #sexy #caring #frisky #kinky
by pony111 August 30, 2012
Singer/songwriter who released 3 full-length albums between April 2, 2002, and November 18, 2003. Accomplishments include Soul Train's Aretha Franklin Entertainer of the Year Award and five Grammy nominations. Related Words: Beyonce, Aaliyah, Mary J. Blige, Amerie
"...That angelic voice y'all hear in the background, oh, that's our new princess of hip-hop and R&B, Miss Ashanti." (Ja Rule, 2002)

"Maybe Beyonce, maybe Ashanti...I need a fiancé." (Loon, 2003)
by goashanti December 13, 2003
One who thinks she can sing, but really would have no songs if she couldn't use the words "oh" and "baby"
Ashanti sucks.
hahahaa shes not THAT bad
damn, u guys r some haters!
by lia August 23, 2004
a excellent example of how talentless people can make it in the music industry. 2. a person who lacks depth and talent whose songs don't require much singing skill or none at all.
My 8 year old niece sounds better singing an ashanti song then ashanti does.

If you ever feel that you will never be discovered in the music industry...never give up...look at ashanti...she has the talent of a turd and look she is making money!!
#talentless #tone deaf #overrated #cute #incomplete
by knightingale October 31, 2005
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