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The sexiest, nicest, kindest boy in the world. I write him love songs constantly. He is the apple of my eye. He dresses poorly. He's a very strange kid. I'm not sure if he has friends. I want to marry him. He's really emo and cuts himself. It's okay because it's hot when he does it.
For Asela,
I want to do you doggy style on my roof, so our feelings for each other never go poof,
I love you and your size 13 shoes, you turn me on like Steve from blues clues
but he got fired for doing drugs, I'd rather get done by you than a group of thugs
my love for you will never die , every Sunday I'll bake you pie
I want to suck you dry, lettts give it a tryyyy
lets not just have sex and blahblahblah, we can have a meaningful relationship lalalaa
you have really nappy curls I want to adorn with bows, I'd pick you over a million hotass hoes
me and you are like peanut butter and jelly, i wanna rub hot oil over our pristine belly
#hot #sexy #juicy #emo #strange #loser #geek #lovely #attractive #alien #weird #razors #dumb #amazing #super
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