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A sexy and extremely sharp looking space craft from the Starfox series. <3

"The Arwing is a single-seat swing-wing fighter and is the most powerful fighter in the Cornerian Defense arsenal. The Arwing's most prominent feature is its Gravity Diffusion system, or G-Diffuser.
The Arwing is armed with one standard laser, though it is possible upgrade to twin lasers and then to hyper lasers for greater firepower. The Arwing also carries Nova Bombs as secondary weaponry."

by Monique Pwns All March 09, 2007
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The fighter planes used by the Star Fox team. They can fire single lasers (which upgrade to twin and hyper lasers) charged, homing shots, smart bombs, and cluster bombs (multiplayer Star Fox Assault). They also have the ability to boost, brake, loop, u-turn, and of course, do a barrel roll. They're used for most of Star Fox 64, and parts of Star Fox Adventures & Star Fox Assault. Also, they're famous for taking down enemies that are much, much bigger than them.
Famous quotes by Peppy Hare (SF64):
"Don't mess up that arwing!"
"Sorry guys, but I'm going to have to sit this one out!"
by Fireball1783 August 08, 2007
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1.Below Scum 2.Dumbest thing alive. 3. Creature of legend, referred to because of the sheer inept nature of this thing. 4. target. Synonoms: It, Fagzon, Booster, Mad Dawg, leet juice (WTF), piece of shit
I talked to the Arwing yesterday, and fuck, he just keeps confirming my suspicions that murder isn't actually a sin
by Tybasher July 10, 2008
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