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A gorgeous, hilarious, fun to be around girl with an amazing personality that everyone seems to love and tend to get jealous of.
boy-who's that beautiful funny girl?

girl-oh that's my best friend, Aruna.
by anonymousyoullneverknow January 13, 2013
the shit, the man, superb guy, turbo man, power brained.
damn, u fakin' arunas, u fakin' real thing nigga
by powerspitter May 09, 2006
Several interconnected meanings:

- radiance
- dawn
- the vermilion/red colors that are seen during dawn
Hey Aruna, you're looking radiant today!
by soulister March 22, 2010
A kid who is rich and naughty. He is perverted and will make you do things. Sometimes he will break your heart. He makes you feel like the only person in the world at times. Falls in love too fast. But oh well he is really handsome and overall a beautiful and caring person
Wow what language is he speaking? Who knows probably lithuanian.

Does that make him Arunas?

Oh most definitely.

Wow who's that kid with the new Nikes?

Oh that's arunas...
by sissapop January 28, 2014
a tall, skinny, funny, and overall lovely indian who likes popozao.
look its aruna...hey where'd she go? did she turn to the side cuz i cant see her!
by brasilianchica April 10, 2006

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