Slang for arthritis, especially the rheumatoid kind that gnarls your joints all up.
Lamont: Did you move that furniture like I asked you?

Fred Sanford: No son, I couldn't do it because of "Arthur" (then holds up a "cramped" hand), you know, my arthritis!
by mt3vsl June 20, 2009
To throw up or to vomit, usually after consuming an abnormally large amount of alcohol.

Everyone had to avoid the front stairs because of the arthur all over the floor after last nights party.
by yosef33 August 12, 2008
One with SMS (Short Man Syndrome), when mixed with alcohol an Arthur has the tendancy to become violent. Arthurs tend to act tougher than they are to appear to an audience as ferocious. Arthur's are typically lazy but loud mouthed. They talk with their hands a lot and say stupid things.
Guy 1: Did you see James at the party last night, he was acting like an ass because he was drunk but he was saying some pretty stupid things.

Guy 2: Oh so it sounds like he was being a total Arthur then.

Guy 1: Yeah pretty much.
by HaroldtripleSEKS February 12, 2008
That gay little aardvark on that kid's show. For some strange reason, he doesn't have a big honkin' schnoz. Blam it on Marc Brown, the twisted soul that created this crazy show. Other gay people on the show: Buster, D.W., Sue Ellen, Francine, The Brain, and Binky.Oh, and just about EVERYONE ELSE ON THIS SHITTY EXCUSE FOR A SHOW!
Andre: Hey, did you see that new Arthur episode?

Jane: Andre, if you know I'm not queer, why did you bother to ask?
by DascherTheDog February 02, 2010
someone who has sisters and that someone enjoys masterbating over their pictures.
oh my god, you are such an arthur
by John Trigham October 31, 2007

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