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is a name given to a squirrel which on entering an Edinburgh school was well liked but soon be came a nuisance. As people tired of this characature of a creature there patience began to wear off. So too did Arthur's patience when the foolish and slightly deranged squirrel headbutted a junior student. The squirrel is distinguishable from other squirrels thanks to it's large monobrow which gives it and unsightly appearance. Although it has been removed from the school on various occasions it keeps coming back, there is hope however. It was seen lurking around the schools of St Marys and Broughtoun and may take up these buildings as his permanant residence. The squirrel also moves in a puppet like manner, such as the characters in the popular childrens TV proggramme
#arthur bruce #mono #arselicker #weird #bru
by Timmythelover. May 27, 2009
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