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Small piece of poop that's been clinging to a clump of arsehole-hair for too long, and has now hardened beyond any hope of being wiped off.
My, that's a fine arsicle you've got there !
by HyperShadow March 04, 2003

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A beautifully descriptive word for an otherwise unfortunate ailment, ie Piles, Haemorrhoids, Arse-grapes, Chalfonts etc.

A simple combination of Arse + Icicle.
HRH the Queen : Sit the fuck down will you !!

Arsicle sufferer: I would sit down your Highness but unfortunately my Arsicles are giving me the right 'ump
by weirdfish April 05, 2005
What a guys anus feels like when he goes outside naked in the middle of a snowstorm with his cheeks spread apart!!!
Whenever I wear these Dollar Store undies, I feel like I got arsicles in me poo hole!
by Dude_40Asswhole January 14, 2009