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Queen of the skies.
The sweetest, most kind hearted, patient and caring person that ever walked the earth.
Completely awesome <3
She's my BestestFriend.
She's an Arshiya!

by Preedi March 18, 2009
(n) a legendary ninja attack move stemming from ancient India that involves a triple-backflip roundhouse kick to the testicles or mammary glands. The kick must have enough raw power to flip the victim 360 degrees at which point the victim is eye-gouged by his or her own toes.

(v) the act of completing such kick as described above.
Even Chuck Norris is mesmerized and puzzled by the arshiya.

The Kool-Aid man stormed through the house's wall and arshiyaed the small child before victoriously yelling, "Oh yeah!"
by Parr Bear March 16, 2009

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