An asshat. Can also be used as an insult for someone else, if you want.
<pot_noodle> You're such an Arsh, you fucking Arsh.
<Arsh> I know :((((
by pot_noodle January 01, 2004
Top Definition
A name of a person, mostly from a Sikh or Indian background
Have you meet my friend Arsh, his new from India
by ----------a-- February 06, 2008
This name means "sky" in Punjabi.
It also means a person, who has no habits that're bad.
This kind of person is happy all day.
I am going to go higher than Arsh when I grow up.
He is a true Arsh.
He's a really Arsh person.
by arsh777 May 01, 2008
Extreme, or "very". Substitute for extreme words such as "great", "terrible", "intense" or "insane".
1. That was an arsh jam last night.


3. I got in so much trouble; she was arsh mad.
by Cantankerously July 29, 2009
the arsh are obviously those people from arland, you know where they got them leppercons 'n' shamrox 'n' all that purty music.
and arsh merkins are obviously those merkins whose famblies came to the the u.s. from arland, just like there's eye-talian merkins, and there's meskin merkins, and phillypino merkins, and a zillion other kindsa merkins... all part o' what makes the u.s. a big ole beeyootiful meltin pot.
"yep, his fambly is arsh merkin 'n' rushin merkin, & her fambly is balkin merkin 'n' berzillion merkin, so it's gonna be one helluva crazy weddin ... i speck they'll be partyin fer a week, easy."
by sitcjea January 29, 2009
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