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IN RS: To scam = Steal password or trick it out of any RuneScape user in various ways.

Arronhalton, also know as "The Great Scammer from Hell" was one of the greatest scammers in the game RuneScape created by Jagex LTD.
He has scammed over 500 RuneScape accounts, and was the leader of the World's best scammer-group, Which I don't remember the name of right now.
He started to scam people because he got banned from the game and thought it was unfair, so he wanted revenge and started targetting random RuneScape-players.
RS: "You last logged inn from xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx"
Player: Whatthe, this isn't my IP!
Player: All my items are gone!
Olliex: Your scammed
Olliex: I'm the great scammer from hell
by Snutemagi December 01, 2004
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