A person that likes shit, and everything about it.
I took a shit and this Arnone wanted me to take a picture of it for him.
by Soromon September 03, 2003
Top Definition
One who is both brilliant and insane. Inepdt at making ridiculous examples, and trying to make them all math related. Creator of the Battle Scope, the periscope that shoots water.
Mr. Arnone: Okay, pretend you are ze king of Zaire and I am Archimedes. You have jus' said to me "Hey, make my craaoown." Solve for X."

Mr. Arnone: Caddleen and Royer were travelling at a distance of twelbe keelomeeters per second. Ze Squrruth of theese is one hundred and dirty. So, you have twelb apples and subtract four apples and multiple by three apples and you have one hundred and dirty!!
by Dame April 07, 2005
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