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She chooses a life most wouldn't be strong enough for. Makes a million sacrifices for her soldier, and the Army Life yet wouldn't have it any other way. She waits out long, sleepless nights alone and experiences worry and fear. She also experiences incredible pride in her soldier and a true Army Girlfriend will wait faithfully for him to return from the war. She is the most supportive, loving, strongest woman on the earth.
"No one is stronger than an Army Girlfriend."
by proudarmygf January 21, 2012
He hasn't come back home yet.
When he does, see definition for Army Wife.
1) "You're an Army Girlfriend?"

"Yeah, and I haven't gotten laid in 5 months so don't fuckin' piss me off."

2) "I haven't seen my boyfriend in a week!!!!"

"Go fuck yourself."
by PFC Magana's Girl ;] October 15, 2010
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