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The joint between your arm and your torso.
by Anon March 06, 2003
1. An unfavorable place or region, a backwater or insignificant place. A dive or undesriable business or establishment. 2. A bad part of something. 3. The worst part of a bad thing or place.
Oklahoma is the armpit of the midwest.
by Big Rob August 26, 2004
Something someone sniffs and scratches daily, usually covered in a forest of fur. Rubbing it in mayo makes a desirable aroma permeate the surrounding area.
Hi Jessica. Yo armpit so smelly. Can i slap ur butt?
Thanks mom and yes
ur so black
by Diarrhea Soup September 29, 2013
A term used to speak about sex when trying to disguise that you are talking about sex. "Armpitting" can also be visually depicted by making a fist and rubbing it in and out on your opposite side armpit.
"Eh, eh , eh???"(while making the armpit sign)
by tank*knowledge January 21, 2008
A flea breeding ground
May the fleas out 1000 camals infest your armpits!
by Camal Boy October 18, 2003
Synonym used to describe less desirable areas of the United States. A terrible place. The state of Ohio, (ah-huy-ah).
1. Ohio is certainly the armpit of the nation.
by Hoyt Ledger August 26, 2006
dirty, unappealing place.
"This cheap motel is an absolute armpit!"
by iyad Educator January 26, 2013