1. An unfavorable place or region, a backwater or insignificant place. A dive or undesriable business or establishment. 2. A bad part of something. 3. The worst part of a bad thing or place.
Oklahoma is the armpit of the midwest.
by Big Rob August 26, 2004
The joint between your arm and your torso.
by Anon March 06, 2003
Something someone sniffs and scratches daily, usually covered in a forest of fur. Rubbing it in mayo makes a desirable aroma permeate the surrounding area.
Hi Jessica. Yo armpit so smelly. Can i slap ur butt?
Thanks mom and yes
ur so black
by Diarrhea Soup September 29, 2013
A term used to speak about sex when trying to disguise that you are talking about sex. "Armpitting" can also be visually depicted by making a fist and rubbing it in and out on your opposite side armpit.
"Eh, eh , eh???"(while making the armpit sign)
by tank*knowledge January 21, 2008
Synonym used to describe less desirable areas of the United States. A terrible place. The state of Ohio, (ah-huy-ah).
1. Ohio is certainly the armpit of the nation.
by Hoyt Ledger August 26, 2006
A flea breeding ground
May the fleas out 1000 camals infest your armpits!
by Camal Boy October 18, 2003
dirty, unappealing place.
"This cheap motel is an absolute armpit!"
by iyad Educator January 26, 2013

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