A town that shares its name with several others, Arlington is a quaint place with several faces. It has one regular high school and one alternative high school, two middle schools, and five elementary schools. It is famous for a cross-burning incidence a couple years ago, and the fact that the film "The Ring" involves several scenes filmed in the area.
Many different kinds of people in many different situations reside in Arlington, from young Mexican gang members to highly wealthy individuals. Arlington is run by a group of corrupt individuals (one former member has been accused of extortion to the amount of 750,000).
The popular degenerate teenage hangout is "McChevron"- a duplex-style business consisting of a McDonalds' and a gas station. Perhaps popular because of its conveniency for smoking a little reefer, "McChevron" has everything your typical stoned adolescent requires- a cigarette shop, easily-stolen beer, and an endless supply of fast food.
There is a large meth problem in Arlington, but an even worse problem in the surrounding towns, such as Granite Falls and Marysville.
Because this area is largely rural, there is an annoying hick problem. It blows.
Despite this, Arlington is an interesting, multifaceted area (with very few things to do though) that leads to a creative adulthood to grow up to.
Man, I'm gonna go down to Arlington and check out the McChevron to see if I can score a bag.

Person 1: I'm gonna catch the 210 to Arlington.
Person 2: Ew.
by watersoluble August 11, 2008
Top Definition
So unknown that it's better to tell people you're just from D.C.
"Where are you from?"
"Oh, have you met the president?"
by bovach March 18, 2009
Arlington is the site of Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington County, Virginia. The population is 200,000+, and the cemetery is the home of fallen soldiers, as well as the tomb of the unknown soldier.
"Dust to dust, don't cry for us, we made it to Arlington."
by zchris87v September 11, 2006
Official home of the Texas Rangers, Dallas Cowboys, and UT - Arlington which is the 2nd largest university in the UT system and the fastest growing university in the state of Texas.

Also the largest city in the Nation with no mass transit system (trains, buses, etc).

Also known as Aggtown
I'm from Arlington bitches! You better recognize!
by Arelli November 07, 2006
verb, intr: said of a street that changes names or suddenly ends leaving you lost or stranded. Based on the large number of streets in Arlington Virginia that have these characteristics.
I was driving up Georgia Avenue and suddenly it arlingtoned into 7th St!! Where the hell am I now?
by TheThroat April 22, 2011
A swanky hotel in 19th century Potsdam, NY. Now a Bohemian paradise with terrible landlords.
"Where did you get the idea for tatoo?"
"Around day 4 of that pirate party at the Arlington."
by 1337pikey May 11, 2012
A small dink town in Washington state filled with bitches, and skanks, and where everyone tokes up on a daily bases. Where verybody wears kandii and wishes they went to raves. Where the mayor doesn't feel it necesary to send snow plows out even when the snow is two feet deep.
You: Where are you from?
Me: Arlington, Washington.
You: ...Where?
by Mein Nachname November 27, 2011
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