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An indian boy also known as the noblest of all gases. He once stabbed himself in the chest with two swords at once, wearing a helmet, on camera.
That Arjun Plakkat makes me want to grab him by his frighteningly thin neck and yell "ARRRRRRRRRRGONNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!"
by Domzenat April 05, 2005

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2. A wonderfully studious-looking boy who wears cuordoroy on occasion.
I wonder if Arjun Plakkat wants to take me on a date to the library this friday? We can get coffee and spoon while quoting Nietszche.
by You momz March 13, 2005
The pinnacle of evolution on earth.
Smart. Beautiful. Arjun Plakkat.
by Jesus Hitler Christ April 29, 2004