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An indian boy also known as the noblest of all gases. He once stabbed himself in the chest with two swords at once, wearing a helmet, on camera.
That Arjun Plakkat makes me want to grab him by his frighteningly thin neck and yell "ARRRRRRRRRRGONNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!"
by Domzenat April 05, 2005
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2. A wonderfully studious-looking boy who wears cuordoroy on occasion.
I wonder if Arjun Plakkat wants to take me on a date to the library this friday? We can get coffee and spoon while quoting Nietszche.
by You momz March 13, 2005
6 2
The pinnacle of evolution on earth.
Smart. Beautiful. Arjun Plakkat.
by Jesus Hitler Christ April 29, 2004
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