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This is by far the best tea in the world. It comes in many flavors such as Green Tea,Rasberry Flaored Tea, Lemon Flavored Tea. I think it's sold everywhere.
D00d! Arizona Iced Tea is so good.
Arizona Iced Tea is the best teaa around. <2
Arizona Iced Tea is teh sexxx I drink it and I am so hxc.
by stellllarrr™ March 06, 2007
This is an amazing drink, no one knows how awesome this is. Like if you where every gunna go to your store && needed something to drink. This is it. Just don't choke from laughing.
"You have ice?! I LOVE ICE!! , I bet that would go good with some Arizona Iced Tea!"
by ohh snapp its uss! August 18, 2009
Getting a golden shower on a hot Arizona day.
He gave her an Arizona Iced Tea on a sunny July evening.
by Thug Life 69 July 10, 2012
Cheap beverage purchased solely for a extreme dose of sugar.

In other words, the underage 40oz.
Let's get hammered Gangsta!
You're 12.
Yeah, uh, ill just have an Arizona Iced Tea.
by lordofpineapple August 23, 2009