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(A carnivorous butterfly.)
-Beautiful, caramel mocha skin, dainty pink lips, almond eyes. Emits various calls, squeaks, squeals, yips depending on the situation/mood. Beauty mark under eye. Hair color varies (brown/black.) Seemingly fragile in all aspects, quite strong in mind, heart, body, and spirit.
- Highly intelligent. Only 1 in the wild, like the penguin, has only 1 mate in her heart at a time. Sometimes 4 life. Listens to wide variety of music, to lure in a trap, Lady GaGa/Spongebob is highly recommended. Natural behavior includes: Baking, dancing, loving her GF. Brain functions at levels not higher or lower, but in 3D to that of a human brain.
- Shower w/kisses, squeeze almost to the point of crushing, stay in constant contact, snuggle as much as possible, tickle when necessary(put a knee into it if need be.)
- STRICTLY VEGETARIAN/VEGAN!!!Give a Naked to ensure optimal conditioning.
- Dancing/varied exercises. Bike rides= expectable.
WARNING: This lovable little thing is highly addictive&lovable. You will absolutely adore her the moment a tinkling giggle resounds out of her.
-Unfortunately, as stated, there is only 1 in the wild, this unique female is very much loved, appreciated, cared for, and treasured, belonging to a private..."owner" (a term I use loosely, as it's like saying owning a Unicorn, you can't own a Unicorn.) You can only have her if she decides to flutter into your path....and if she does...DO NOT LET HER GO!!
Arisbee and I decided to share a cookie, I took the cookie, she got the frosting lol
by Mayra JT February 02, 2010