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A hard headed, opinionated individual who does not take no for an answer. A person who can easily turn on the charm and talk their way out of trouble.

Arionna, the girl with the charm and the personality.

Arionna the outgoing one, the one who speaks for others.
"dude, the way you stood up for that guy was so Arionna."
by VenusAriah February 02, 2010
A girl who is mean and angry for very good reasons she has violent outbursts when little things aggravate her but is nice and understanding to the people who were cool enough to get to know her. She is also full of rage and if you do one thing that seriously messes with her you will indeed regret it she will go out for revenge and you will never see it coming.
"Yo i know you didn't just mess with Arionna"

" Man she gonna kill you"
by @WordUp February 11, 2014

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