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arifa is the girl everyone loves and is charmed by. the girl everyone wants to marry. the girl you fall for and never get over. an amazing person who simply does nothing but listen and help. only a person so caring and understanding should be named this.
have you met arifa?
by yeshdjvifg December 09, 2010
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The most wonderful kind of person adorning the characteristics of one such person living the vicinity of the Western New York area.
Someone like myself.
by Arifa March 24, 2005
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Used to describe a person whose brilliance is indiscribable.
or (2)Also used globally to anyone who ought to recieve celebrity status
Einsteins teacher to einstein:
My Boy, you are so amazing, you are arifa

(2) Friends to Sara after a night at a Karioke Bar.
"wow, you deserve an arifa
by caffeine free August 30, 2007
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