How do I put this, Arianna's are hot as hell men flock to her women envy her baby girl so major they should just front page her!
Arianna is sexxxxxxxxxxxyyyyyyyyyy
by 696969669 July 31, 2009
Loves glitter. Will try to conquer the world but will usually get distracted by a shiny object. Can be seen drawing hearts and stars in the sand on the beach on a cold rainy day. Might be mistaken for a goddess on a half shell.
Miss Arianna is Fantastical!
by beenThErErockedThAT February 22, 2010
The prettiest girl at school. The most sought after by the boys, the most hated on by the girls. Unique and original just like the name. Amazing in every aspect. Lovely and pure a great friend to have.
all the girls wish they could be as lovely as Arianna
by kurt88 February 21, 2010
A really amzing girl that comes off as shy but will blow you away. An amazing friend. Really intelligent , smart, funny , goofball, loves to be with friends, bitch when she wants to be, and has a tsmper so dont tick her off. Dont forget this name!
Wow Arianna is amazing!
by afynboe November 13, 2013
Arianna. Pronounced AREE-AN-AH is such a gorgeous name! Infact i wish it were my name!
:Hey I know an Arianna, and we're related!

:omg I love that name!
by SOHObabii February 07, 2010
The nicest and sweetest girl ever with the best looks in the world and adores britney spears.
She makes everyone laugh and attracks lots of stalker and haters. But she goes through it all no matter what!
she friends are always there for her and love her so much
OMG i love you Arianna
by lalalalalperson October 25, 2009
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