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A Scandinavian name meaning swift little eagle.
The child was named Aren.
by Motobuny February 09, 2010
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One of the best names ever. If you are called Aren it means you are too cool and good looking for the human eyes. It is also said that Arens are the most amazing people in the world, and everyone bows down to the divine, and the one true Aren. Aren is indeed rumored around the world as a "hottie". Legend says, that the true Aren was so good looking, that just by his handsomeness Aren was able to stop an intellectual war between Microsoft and Apple. Aren is a very divine being. Also, great heroic autobiographies tell that Aren's great muscles when flexed are twice the size of the moon, and Aren is also accounted in autobiographies as twice as hot as the surface as the Sun. Aren is indeed a divine, powerful, handsome being.
by ARENNIE March 22, 2010
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Once there was a castle in Armenia with the greatest defense against attack in all of the Middle Eastern countries. It was where many battles took place in order to control the great monument. After the last battles the king named the castle after his only son Prince Aren, who was later killed in battle outside of the castle. The castle was left alone for many years after and it was destroyed by natural forces only the stories remain of the walls that would not surrender.
The first battle of Aren lasted two days and no one believed the castle would hold against the attack without being damaged
by Aren Sarkisian February 19, 2008
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Used in the Armenian race to refer to a homosexual. Called an "Aren" is usually such a bad reference that it is known to make an Armenian explode. Aren was the first known homsexual in the Armenian race. He is known to haunt young Armenian boys during summer and leaves a curse behind. He is dressed in a metro-sexual way, and wears v-necks to show off his chest hair.
Hakop: Damn, look at that foo's v-neck. He's a fuckin aren
Tiko: Get him away from us, he likes young boys like us.
Suro: My dad warned me about arens. lets book it.
by Suren December 14, 2007
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a pussy or sissy, very homosexual looking, usually associated with mills. has a brown noise and webbed feet. enjoys eating balls, cock,and shit.usually found on his knees using his mouth during the grading process.
also known for his 1 week contribution to the eagle tech society at wyotech.a man lover, woman hater, found in the midwest where he can openly express his sexuality. enjoys long walks on the beach with men named mills
male friend/father-hey fag you wanna suck my dick?

ren- ok

male friend/father- your such a ren

ren- thank you, i enjoyed that
by the one who said it August 21, 2008
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A backstabbing mother fucking piece of shit low life gold digger mother fucking cunt stupid ass friends davachan klir the size of a peanut no bitches comin eating his sausage fucker fake ass lonesome piece of garbage hairy beast Aren a dick sucker haroine user , friends with fake ass cunt sucking leaches who fuck everything up ruin friendships mother fucker mother fucker fuck u fuck fuck fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you stupid little glitch because little Piece of trash I'm gonna fucking fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck two-faced little esh little gold you fucking little Artrarsyou would list excuse of a man you would lose excuse of a human you would lose excuse of a friend you would with excuse of a piece of garbage I would like rats better than you I would sell you to the fucking eat you aliveyou little fat ass French little motherfucking piece of shit you did not does I do not deserve to get abused by you both physically and mentally because I know you punched me in the stomach when I was 10 years old when we are at my dads RV you stupid little piece of shit but now it's personal now the temp throw hands
Aren is a fake ass bitch !!!!
by Buck you in the ash May 18, 2017
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