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Someone who is has an amazing personality, and who is so cool that you literally cannot meet anyone cooler. Arek has a heart with an endless capacity for love and compassion. Because of this, he has many friends and the lucky person who is dating them will never want to loose them. Arek is a person who always knows the right thing to say to make someone feel better. They are excellent friends, family oriented and contribute greatly to the community. Arek is also a prankster, and will seize any moment to scare or jump out at you (Of course its all in good fun.) Arek is competitive, witty, easy going, laid back and gets his kicks out of doing things he loves like hanging out, listening to music and kicking some butt. The people who are fortunate enough to know Arek value his friendship and his genuine nature. Arek is a very loyal person, which is what people around him admire most. His comedic character always has people laughing! Arek is also ridiculously good looking. His significant other will always feel loved, appreciated and wanted. Arek is an Amazing person, inside and out. He's a magnet!
P1) someone just jumped out at me in a yeti mask!
P2) it was probably Arek, that prankster!
by YinThereDoneThat February 10, 2010
A sweet, eccentric, exceptionally bright person who's very open to many things and loves to be around friends the majority of the time. Usually fairly secretive about his feelings, but very empathic towards others.
That guy's so nice to everyone, just like an Arek.
by heartsleeve February 03, 2010
Emo kid who likes to listen to rip and hipop. His best physical feature is soccer and basketball; and his worst fear is bags.
What an Arek!
by cienaax3 August 23, 2008