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A sexy, hot chick with huge boobs. Usually very crazy and unique like her name. Most hilarious person you will ever meet. Usually loves her bestfriends and likes one too. Likes guys that are her height, common names that go with Areion are Chad, Elijah, Tucker, James, Jordan, Alan, Cole, John, Logan, etc. Long legged puerto rican, or mixed. Very short temper, when mad flails arms in air wildly or thrashes about throwing items around. You'll fall in love with her ass. Any man is lucky to have her, and if they feel different they are crazy. Also doesn't like most Chinese people, sorry ching chang chongs..
"omg look at that sexy funny nice cool girl over there i want to meet her"
"she is an areion"
"i can tell by her sexual body figure nice face and good personality and how she is a great friend yes definitely an areion"

"i want that ass"
"you cant get it"

"i sure am blessed to be born an areion, or i would be a loser and a pumpkin eater"
"yea youre awesome i wanna be your bestfriend because you are popular and you rock!"
"damn right"
by theareionlover December 02, 2011

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