Where the U.S. government pretends to do important secret things
I've been to area 51, it's not all that great.
by lolwtfwhocares April 17, 2009
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Area 51 needs no definition because as soon as you get close your surrounded by army vans saying 'there is nothing beyond this point'. So it quite blantantly dosen't exist.
and apperently..if you do manage to get close there's marksman which will shoot on sight...because again, there's nothing there.
Guy In Army Van: Turn Around There Is Nothing Here
Random Guy:Huh?
Guy In Army Van: Turn Around There Is Nothing Here
Random Guy: So Why Can't I See Nothing?
Guy In Army Van: Turn Around There Is Nothing Here
Random Guy: Isn't Area 51 Over There?
Guy In Army Van: Turn Around There Is Nothing Here
by Lt. Smash April 14, 2006
Highly secured, secret military research and testing base in Nevada. Often times refered to as Groom Lake. Although many know of it's location, it's existence is "officially" denied even to this day.
Some say that incredible, formerly inconceivable technologies are being experimented with and used at Area 51. Not to mention all that grey research.
by Curious Cow August 01, 2004
A top secret military base in the nevada desert, the base is rumored to hold alien technology or aliens themselves. Though this is unlikly it cannot be ruled out. The base is most likely but not limited to a secret aircraft and weapons development facility. It is called Groom lake or Dreamland, and has until recently been denied by the government to even be there. Yet in the 1990s when a group of workers sued the government for exposure to hazardos and radioactive materials while at work at area 51 the governement was forced to at least acknolege that the base exists even though everyone knew it did because you could stand on a mountain and look at it. However, the government didn not admit anything else, not even what the workers were exposed to. In the later 1990s the famous mountain peak where you were able to see area 51 easily was bought by the government and now the only way to see it is to go to the top of a mountain 5 miles away and look at it through telescope or through satilight. YOu ocan drive up to the boarder but expect to be followed by unmarked trucks, helecopters, and videotaped. If your not careful you may even be shot as due to a court ruling the constitution or normal laws don't apply within the boarders of area 51.
The reason I don't trust a dam thing the government says.
by David B. May 29, 2005
The fifty-first area
Lets go spy on those crazy ass doctors examining those aliens at area 51! - I dont know, davy....
by Mr. Sid June 08, 2004
n. United States military aircraft testing facility located within the Nevada Test and Training Range (NTTR). The facility is on the edge of Groom Lake and has one abandoned runway on the lakebed.

The real name of the base is Air Force Flight Test Center, Detachment 3 or AFFTC Det. 3 for short.

The major belief has been that Area 51 is supposed to be completely secret. Its existence was never something the military bothered to hide. Area 51 has appeared on unclassified maps from government agencies and contractors. Only base insiders, military, and the general public have made the claim that it is a secret.

The idea that it holds alien life forms is quite ridiculous since it is an aircraft testing facility and nothing more. The whole idea of Area 51 being associated with aliens is due to Bob Lazar who claimed he worked on reverse-engineering a UFO in a place near by he called "S-4" or Site 4. Bob Lazar's claims have never been backed up and it is believed it was just a lie.

A few of the other names for Area 51 include Dreamland, Watertown, the Ranch, Paradise Ranch, Skunkworks, and the Box (mostly to aviators who see it as a no-fly zone).
"You ever heard of Area 51?"
"Yeah, it was a big thing on the news when terraserver released satellite photos of the place."
by Zetal June 25, 2005
An area where aliens are supposed to be.
Area 51 is spooky!
by kim December 18, 2003
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