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A place or location where nothing but really hot chicks can be found. Usually a place that never has any hotties, so rare of an occasion that no one would believe you!
Guy 1"Dude, McDonald's was like an Area 69 yesterday" Guy 2"Bullshit! There's no way! you're batshit crazy man!"
#area 69 #51 #area 51 #rare #area
by Explixit February 21, 2011
A place in the game GTA San Andreas, it is heavily guarded just like Area 51. They used the words 69 instead of 51, referring to the sex position.
I managed to get into Area 69 when playing GTA yesterday, but I got killed by a cop almost instantly.
#area 51 #gta #san andreas #area 69 #rockstar games
by dragon40 June 21, 2013
A place where people Fuck and like to see things. It can be a nudist beach. It can be a strip club. Who knows.
I went to Area 69 and had the best time ever.
#fuck #69 #sex #nude #naked
by E.B on UD October 23, 2014
Noun. A name given to wanta-be Rooster Teeth gaming groups that are not famous and/or are copy cats and hilarious. Originated from an actual wanna-be Rooster Teeth group called Area 69, it was full of retards but they were funny
"I hate Area 69's they copy all the Let's Plays on Youtube."
"Yes they suck!"

"I'm part of an Area 69 group."
"Go kill yourself."

"Area 69's are under-rated."
"Yeah they are."
#retards #dumbasses #copy-cats #area sixty-nine #area69 #area sixtynine
by Area 69 January 25, 2013
A place where people like to fuck each other.
My boyfriend and I went to Area 69 so we could fuck each other without anyone knowing.
by Anonymous June 26, 2003
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