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A person who can stimulate your mind with nothing more than a scientific fact and a smile.

A person with an above average cranium.

A person who collect's degree's.
"Damn, this test is crazy hard, I wish I had the knowledge of Ardelle."

"Look at that guy's head, he must be Ardelle smart."

I love me some cake like Ardelle love's some degree's."
by phidel February 02, 2010
A name that should have more definitions but is rare enough to only have one entry... Until now. She may not have the most friends but chooses the good ones. She may look like your average girl but has a lot of potential in every aspect, including a future career as a professional stationary maker. Ardelle is hardworking and will not let slackers rain on her parade. She knows when someone is yacking smack about her so don't try to hide it. Ardelle has an excellent talent of finding people on social media, in the least stalkerish way possible. Her personality is as consistent as Seattle's weather. She can also make legit burnt cookies.
I think I've heard of that girl Ardelle...
Did you hear about how Ardelle... *inserts amazing accomplishment*
by Dontnoticemesenpai January 01, 2015

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