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A type of Tea Party (oxymoron if tea's only thermoliquid) RedNeck who resemble a noted bigot from the TV series 'All in the Family' "worked" to resemble a kind of dinosaur. The 'saurus' homonym is a reference to their predeliction to spend most of their home time sitting in the easy chair (alphas) or couch (betas) so long that they get bedsores on their posteriors, hence their cranky altitude/disdain for anybody/thing that differs from their monomaniunidirectional perspective.
I think most Liberals find their fathers to behave like ArchieBunkerSoreAssh***?s. the bracketed appendix is a possible Karmic factor for their discomfort (all they do is spew s***). Possible opposite of Anal Rententive (expulsive?) but still likely unpleasant to be around if one has more imagination than a rutabaga. Odd Couple (Republican codependents?).
by WordWíld aka Kozmo'z Älter Égo November 10, 2011
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