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a cool kid with kind of longish brown hair.
hey look at that guy

hes such an archan
by hahahahhaahahahahah August 16, 2010
a shitkunt that believes he is god but really, hes just a piece of shit
you are such an archan, go take a shower and wash that shit off your face
by dhiafiuaefieafhiuae May 26, 2015
archan is an indian paki who goes to my british school. everyday he comes to this british school saying rubading ding with his immigrated chums in his curry house. he tries to act british by eating british food and trying to be plain british when he clearly can't because of the skin colour. his kind come over here in their floating curry houses or box if they are poor and when they get here they take our jobs, they take our houses, they take everything that is not theirs and they shit on it too match the skin. if i told nick griffin about this preposterous plan it would either result in holocaust number 2 or sending all the paki cunts onto a boat send them out to sea and shoot the boat drowning all of the little benefit bastards and no more blacks or we could send them to space but blow up the rocket on the way up. fuck off you cunts you little bastards
look children archan don't get too close or he will give you aids or malaria or any life threatening diseases then you be dead or he will stare at you in a akward way
by blacks should be dead March 21, 2011

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