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an amazing restaurant in downtown Arcata, CA that has the best pizza in the world. The fries are fucking awesome and all the food is delicious. Everyone likes it. The service is awesome and the atmosphere is great to eat in. Always plays great music. just a fucking great place to chill with friends over a fucking dank pizza, burger, salad, stack of fries, sandwich, and/or bacon. fucking bacon. gotta love that shit.
Anybody: "Dude! Let's APD it up at lunch today!"

Smart Person: "Fuck yeah! I love that place!"

Stupid Person: "Naw, man. I'm not feelin' it today."

Smart Person: "Fuck you! Let's roll. I'm ready for some fucking pizza from Arcata Pizza and Deli (APD)."
by Quaf Jim May 27, 2009
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