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nasty roast beef pussy
that bitch got some arby's
by MistaNL May 15, 2004
51 44
If you don't like something, you can say it gives you a Reverse Boner. Or an RB for short. Or an Arby.
"Damn, did you see that YouTube video with that Guinness Record-sized zit on that guy's back? It was so gross, it gave me an Arby."
by hurray4theball October 15, 2009
18 12
Similar to the restaraunt with the same namesake used to define vaginal lips that look like roast beef flaps
When I went down on her i was thinking arbies.
by cupcake68 July 11, 2009
11 8
ARBY is the short term for "as requested by you", usually related to business communication.
Pablo (e-mail): Maria, please send me the file related to the last morning meeting. Regards.
Maria (e-mail): Paulo, attached you´re gonna find the file ARBY. Regards.
by PabloMaria January 16, 2010
7 9
An expensive fast food joint known for its dumb workers who don't speak English or know a nickel from a penny.
"Hey let's go to arby's and mess with Jose!"
by Kayleen August 06, 2007
32 37
To supprise an unexpected person with shot of semen to the face.
Im going to Arby on your mom.
by SK61688 October 22, 2008
8 16
Code word used for getting stoned; when saying "let's get stoned" is inappropriate. Becuase everyone loves Arbys when they're ripped.
Sprinter 1: "Aye man, wanna go to Arbys after track practice?

Sprinter 2: "Hell yeah son, we can get on some CSS too!"

Coach: "I do love a pepperjack melt, good choice boys."
by BIG.HEMP.SON June 30, 2009
18 28