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A person from the Middle East who reigns supreme over all others. A term used to describe a Arab on top of their game.
Nasser is an Arabian Knight cause he has all the best clothers, drives a nice car and is followed by pretty ladies.
by Habib November 13, 2003
A term used in error through ignorance or due to low self esteem to try to bring the actual level of one's stature or image up from the level of a trench or sewage bin.
The actual term - and the correct one - which is on the minds and tongues of the users is "CAMEL JOCKEY."
Habib: "I ride a horse, I am an Arabian Knight."

Scott: " You got it half right Habib, you are an Arabian but whilst positioned on that....fragile..under-fed....equine, you are actually a camel jockey.' Notice the large HUMP positioned between the back and front end of the creature and the long snotty snout. You are riding a camel, and transporting it to Iraq...You are a camel jockey."
by psiscott April 20, 2006