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A carnival game where the competitors utilize a water jet (often in the shape of a pistol) mounted to the counter, firing a stream of water at a target (This figure can be any object, but in this case, a Duck.) thereby causing a balloon to inflate. The winner is determined by whoever infuses the greatest amount of water and causes the balloon to break first .

This game attracts the very young, the overly served, and the adolescent wishing to impress someone of opposite sex, or not.
Terry got soaked after playing "Aquaducks" over 15 times, but finally won the stuffed rabbit for Chris.
by pab1usa April 29, 2010
An Awesome team, that will always be together. Supporting, careing, and full of energy.
The Aquaducks is a loud careing group.
by Arlynn June 13, 2007

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