Main ingredient of shampoo. Fancy term for water, because shampoo's are too cool to use the word water.
Nu-uh! It's not water.. it's *aqua*
by Supersonic^ January 26, 2005
Top Definition
An European dance pop group of keyboardists Søren Rasted and Claus Norreen, and rapper René Dif from Denmark, and singer Lené Nystrøm Rasted from Norway. They had huge hits like "Lollipop (Candyman)," "Doctor Jones," "Turn Back Time," "Cartoon Heroes," and of course, "Barbie Girl." They released two albums, "Aquarium" and "Aquarius." Their songs are infectiously catchy, so that you know it's bad pop music, but you can't help but listen to it and secretly like the dance grooves. Their characteristic electronic sound features the girlish vocals of Lené clashing with the rather interesting low male voice of René.
Dude, I've been playing "Aquarium" on repeat for the last two days. I can't wait for their reunion!
by aquafan October 11, 2004
Aqua is a pop group from Europe that everyone loves to dance to their songs, but its taboo to publicly admit this.
ITs a pop group that has a huge catch 22

by lordblazer January 23, 2007
A character in Kingdom Hearts who went WAAAAY over the lines of Disney and was modified, although Square managed to sneak in a few subliminal messages, like when you pause the game her boobs jiggle, her pants look too tight, and a very exposed back. Oddly enough, she hasn't received much attention hentai-wise.
Aqua gave everyone a boner
by Narutosuperkubii September 05, 2011
a color that is a cross between light blue and sea green. it is a jewel. it is often the color if a pices eyes.
i am a pices, and aqua is my favorite color. my eyes are an aqua color. aqua ismy birthstone,march
by newsome June 25, 2008
When you are half-plastered but still aware of what's going on
Dude, i was Aqua all weekend
by Mstt May 14, 2015
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