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The Apprentice boy is -Much- alike the Jester Boy taking after him in almost every concept, even in leadership. He is less inclined to sacrifice his digity for laughs, and is far less witty than the Jester Boy, having trouble in arguements, and being even more easy to break down than the Goblin Boy, even so, the Goblin Boy and the Apprentice Boy are mortal enemies, and are only bound together by Cauliflower Boy and the Burnouts ring leader, Jester Boy. Despite this, Apprentice boy holds the same relations power, bringing the Burnouts more allied groups.
"Jester boy, Goblin boy.. Cauliflower Boy.. Where is Apprentice Boy?" Asked Robert.

"Oh, He's in class Finishing up work. He'll be back soon, most likely near Jester Boy."
by Nicholas Burr November 28, 2007
a secret society similar in structure to the orange men formed in 18 something or other to commemerate the seige of derry where during the war of occupation by the royalist dutch and british immigrants had been rightly besieged by the catholics inside the walled city of derry. eventually after 13 weeks or something and "befallen to depraved and ungodly practices" see sodomy and cannabalism william of orange dispatched a full army to slaughter the catholics families. the catholics in turn ran to defend their loved ones allowing food and supplies to be delivered by the apprentice boys of the city. at that time it was illegal for catholics to have any trade other than menial labour or farmhand.
the apprentice boys are marching today in derry, i was going to bring my mother to hospital but i cant know cuz them bastards have everything blocked off.
by da original playa June 02, 2006
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