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Abbreviated form of the phrase "Thank you, I appreciated it."
Person 1, "Here's a cold glass of water for you."

Person 2, "Appreciates."
by LipSmackingLover June 07, 2010
1.AppreciateVN(not used in the progressive tenses)to recognize the good qualities of sb/sth

2.(not usually used in the progressive tenses)to be grateful for sth that sb has done;to welcome sth

3.(not used in the progressive tenses)to understand that sth is true
1.You can´t really appreciate foreign literature in translation.
2.Her family doens´t appreciate her.

1.VNI´d appreciate some help.
2.V-ingI don´t appreciate being treated like a second-class citizen.
3.VN-ingWe would appreciate you letting us know of any problems.

1.VNWhat I failed to appreciate was the distance between the two cities.
2.V wh-I don´t think you appreciate how expensive it will be.
by Twigy April 11, 2009
appreciate is a word that niggas use too often.
lil dick: hakhakhak. i appreciate that.

Dude A: what a nig nog

Dude B: yeah.
by marc strat March 27, 2014
a term of polite rejection used by prospective employers, girlfriends and perhaps other people whose approval you seek. It generally means "I really don't give a crap, but objectively speaking, I suppose it's possible that someone else might."
"I can appreciate the fact that you have strong feelings for me..."

"I appreciate what you're trying to do with this story."
by /\/ July 03, 2005
A pejoritive for the phrase "go down on him/her" ... In replace of "to give oral pleasure to"
My girlfriend doesn't appreciate me...
Doesn't everyone wish they got a little more appreciation now and then....
Maybe if you appreciated her more you'd get a little more respect...(see definition of "respect" by Murray)
by Murray December 23, 2003
moaning at each other
He was appreciating the other person
by header April 04, 2005