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Used in the same way Jinks is used...when two people say the same thing at the same time you say Apple-c instead of jinks or 'jinks you owe me a coke.' On a Mac computer Apple-C is the keystroke for Copy.
person 1 says "I'm tired" and person 2 says "me too" then both say at the same time "lets go" then both say "APPLE-C!"
by Stephielyn October 29, 2006
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a term used in place of "jinx you owe me a soda...!!!"

taken from the key stroke used to "copy" on a mac
somebody shows up

>you: "hey!"
>your friend: "hey"

...(said at the same time)...

>you: "Apple-C!!!!!!"
by Thizz Liz December 11, 2006

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