An advocate of Apple/Mac products.
Tyler is such an Apple Fanboy he would buy an iToaster if Apple sold toasters!
by tdurd January 02, 2012
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Someone who bows before an apple shrine 2 times a day (sunrise and sunset). Usually ignorant and having a go at Microsoft and Google nerds.
- Have you seen that ignorant prick applefboy spreading his crap about Microsoft all over Twitter?
- Yeah, what an apple fanboy!
by applefboy November 11, 2010
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People that are addicted to spending their money on Apple products.
Im not going to use Android. Im an apple fanboy.
by MrDogeReptilian December 15, 2015
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A passionate advocate and promoter for Apple operating systems and hardware; also known as an Apple Evangelist.
"Android is a perfectly valid system, quit being such an Apple-Fanboy!"
by kaceykaso January 17, 2012
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An Apple Fanboy fits under 1 or more of the following:

1. They literally sacrifice their life, family and job, and go in the extreme by waiting outside the Apple Store a day before it's new line release- sometimes days and weeks!

2. They own a Mac, iPhone, or any other Apple product, and refuse to believe that Samsung or Google is better.

3. They're completely mind obsessed with Apple, and have all the latest Apple Tech.

4. They think that Android always copy iOS, and refuse to believe that the technology Apple has been around for years.

5. They haven't tried any other device exepct for Apple.
Normal Person: *Sees Apple Fanboy waiting for the iPhone 6s outside the Apple Store 2 weeks before its release* "Hey! What are you doing outside in the rain."

Fanboy: Waiting for the 6s, idiot!

Normal Person: Have you tried the S6? Way better then that Apple shit you're getting. I didn't have to wait outside for the S6.

Fanboy: Whatever! Your Samsung sucks ass. Get lost!

Normal Person: He will always be a Apple Fanboy
by HynotisisAnime September 08, 2016
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A person who doesn't settle for the crap HP, Dell, and Microsoft put out.
IT Guy: "I love my PC, Apple sucks"

Apple Fanboy: "Actually, Apple was the first company to sell a personal computer, and first to implement a graphical user interface and a mouse."

IT Guy: "Check out my PDA"

Apple Fan: "yea Apple was the first to sell a PDA"

IT Guy: "Check out my brown Zune"

Apple Fan: "Yea thats the Microsoft version of the iPod, its terrible, and exists only to take a chunk of the massive market apple created"

IT Guy: "Check out my Driod"

Apple Fan: "Yea, thats Motorola's version of the iPhone, notice how it looks and functions almost exactly the same as the iPhone from 3 years ago"

IT Guy: "Check out Windows Vista - its got quick search and gadgets"

Apple Fan: "Yea OSX has had that for a while"

IT Guy: "Check out Windows 7, its primary selling point is that it works"

Apple Fan: "Yea, OSX has always worked, mostly because they dont use a glitchy and bugged OS to serve as a selling point for another bugged and glitchy OS"

IT Guy: "Check out Internet Explorer"

Apple Fan: "IE is the worst browser on the market, and serves as a major hindrance for web developers"

IT Guy: "Check out my XBOX 360"

Apple Fan: "Dont those have a reported 50% failure rate."

IT Guy: "Crap, i have to go, someones windows computer is broken, BTW you're a fanboy"
by GTR42445 September 02, 2010
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