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I just upgraded to OSX Lion 10.7, I own a normal fucking mouse (Intellimouse), not some "magic-harry-potter" mouse, and I hate invented scrolling - in fact, trouble is that I cannot find a way to change it.

When I go to "System Preferences" - "Mouse" .. there's nothing. When I go to "System Preferences" - "Microsoft Mouse"; guess what? NOT A FUCKING THING.

So gents and ladys, how do I get rid of this piece of shit so I can fucking scroll as I've been doing for the last two decades?

Jesus-fucking-Christ, fuck you, Steve!

Oh, and to you out there, who answers this question: THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR KINDNESS!
How can I remove inverted scrolling in OSX Lion with a normal (NO MAGIC MOUSE) mouse? Apple inverted / natural scrolling - I want it to GO AWAY
by A very mad Apple-buyer. July 26, 2011
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