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Houston, we have a PROBLEM!!! When the condom breaks during intercourse between a man and a woman.
Aw shit baby, i just pulled an apollo 13!
by WalterCronkiteSpecial May 05, 2010
noun - A condom filled with poop (deuce, shitlog, stinky brownsnake) or other assorted fecal forms that has been tied off at the end and frozen. Once frozen, It is used to penetrate the vagina, anus, or other bodily orifice in the same fashion as a dildo. Apollo 13's are commonly used in the spacedock community and other shit-related sexual deviancy circles.

I was just going to give her a traditional spacedock, but I remembered that I had a fresh Apollo 13 in my freezer. I used that on her vagina and saved my pending shit for a Cincinatti Steamer I delivered to her later that evening.
by Lord of the Turd November 08, 2005
Is the act of one man shitting into another mans asshole
George Bush like to Apollo 13 Osama Bin Laden, when they have sex.
by Depot D-Bag April 13, 2008