Apollo is the Greek god of the sun, light, poetry, art, music, medicine, healing and archery (important guy). He and his twin, Athena, were a product of Zeus’ inability to keep his wang to himself when he knocked up a deity named Leto, who is otherwise rather insignificant in Greek mythology.

Apollo is characterized as being the most beautiful of the gods, garnering much adoration from his many lovers -- both male and female alike (most of his male lovers died tragically), and bore a number of children. According to legends, Apollo is responsible for the existence of the cypress tree and flowers that turn to follow the sun. In a rage he seared white birds into crows (poor judgment on his part, but he made up for it by giving them the responsibility to announce death), and turned a jealous Zephyrus into the wind.

Apollo’s symbols are the lyre and the bow and arrow, and he considers several animals sacred, such as snakes, crows, wolves, dolphins and deer.
He wrangled a chthonic serpent when he was four days old. That's Apollo for you.
by Psionicmind May 02, 2009
1. Apollo was a Greek God of beauty, so calling someone Apollo means they're hot and ripped.
2. Apollo was an alphamale and every girl's dream, which can also be known as a pimp.
1. Did you see that model? He's such an Apollo!
2. Look at all the girls around him! What an Apollo!
by Katherinn August 28, 2007
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