I wouldn't say Polly Spade caters 2 a more LAtin audience.more like 'underground'.dudes mixd tho.been 'round since 04/5 too.just aint get signd til 07.last time niggaz saw Spade wuz @ta show @ Cubby Bear in Chicago. he's known 4 fuckin strippers..raw..lmao btw da big homie's from Brooklyn/Los Angeles
...saw him @ Bikini Lounge in Washington Heights on Halloween all up on 2 Dominican chix...barkin bout 'i'm the best rapper alive'..spillin a watered down rum & coke..lmao... He supposed to be workin wit Goretex, MF Grimm, & Bizzy Bone on the next joint..but since he got dropped from EMI..who knoze..
D@ nigga APollo Spade used 2 put in work out in Long Beach, El Centro, VA & Sur Carolina...fooz know him tho..I hurr he went on a east coast tour 2 yrs ago & neva came bacc...go figure...
by Rache11z November 08, 2008
Top Definition
One o' the rawest underground MC's to come from out the sewers in 2007...literally the future in the rise of not only rap catering to a more Latin audience...But the face of stacked metaphors azz niggas know it...tha vato's a good storyteller too...commonly compared as a cross btwn Immortal Technique, Rza, and Aesop Rock

A military brat hailing from nowhere....He's currently engaged 2 Jennifer Love Hewitt's younger sister Monica who's a model w/ Ford..
Th@ foo can spit th@ fire tho shawty....homeboi almost soundin like th@ nigga Polly Spade....I fux wit Apollo Spade but th@ vato dont drop youtubes unless its a official video...ol skool type vato..
by Brian30458 September 18, 2008
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